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Live Rounds Update [Germany]: January 10th

Leapfunder has gone from being entirely unknown to a recognized part of the ecosystem. Everybody seems to be aware of us and what we’re doing. Our monthly Investor Round Table Sessions have become a highly appreciated part of the Berlin startup ecosystem because startups have direct access to… Read more

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Live Rounds Update: December 27th

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We have updated the Leapfunder Note to bring it more in line with the most common market practices. Starting from 2019 we will be using the Leapfunder Note version 5. Important difference: when a qualifying event happens, a valuation for the startup is set. A discount is… Read more

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Luuz Bielars: The New Berlin Event Manager

Luuz Bielars is the new Event Manager at GTEC, the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center. The collaboration GTEC has with Leapfunder lets her co-organize the Investor Readiness Sessions every Wednesday and the Investor Round Table every second Friday of the month. Find out more about her… Read more

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We Have Updated the Leapfunder Convertible Note

Leapfunder’s purpose is to facilitate funding rounds for early-stage startups which have a scalable business proposition. We provide a two-sided platform where startups raise funding and investors directly invest in startups. For investors, we are a source of deal-flow and a trusted party for reliable… Read more

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Live Rounds Update [the Netherlands]: December 6th

Startmesh is a Global Technology Venture Catalyst supporting the commercialisation of startups post the idea validation stage through to sustainable profitability or a liquidity event. Find out how they help startups move to the scaleup phase. The big Gründerszene Spätschicht – Christmas Edition is opening its doors… Read more