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A doctor with a beard, wearing a blue shirt and a stethoscope, posing for a photo

Delphyr: Unburdening Doctors

Healthcare is drowning in administrative burdens. Doctors spend 40% of their time on administrative tasks. The number of medical professionals is declining due to high workload and burnout rates caused by needless administrative burdens, costing approximately 20 hours per week or 900 hours per doctor… Read more

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Kalle Mobeck: From Startup to Scaleup

Kalle Mobeck has a long and successful career in the startup industry with a focus on marketing, SaaS, and new technology. His last “startup journey” with Relatable ended with a sale to Bambuser for $24M. Leadership, new technology, and always being one step ahead drive… Read more

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Jiggr: B2B Sales Datapublishing

Jiggr is an innovative Amsterdam-based startup focused on revolutionizing the B2B sales intelligence landscape. At the heart of Jiggr’s mission is the application of advanced data analytics and machine learning to transform vast amounts of global corporate data into actionable insights for sales and marketing… Read more

Two founders of a startup

FullEvent: Technologies for Shared Experiences

FullEvent is the “Lego” of back-office solutions for event creators. With FullEvent, creators can use one tool to build and manage any event or activity, whether it’s weekly yoga classes, weekend dance festivals, or anything in between. Learn more about their business proposition, growth potential,… Read more