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Live Rounds Update: May 23rd

Did you know you can follow and unfollow companies? Click on the image to try it out. In our new ‘Guide to Investing’ blog series, we’re sharing the investment approach we recommend for startups. Learn how to build a portfolio, play peanut poker for the first few… Read more

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Live Rounds Update [Germany]: September 6th

Anya Klyukanova is the Communications, Programs and Innovation Awards Manager at GTEC, Berlin. She introduced Leapfunder to the startup community in Berlin and made the Round Table Sessions a cornerstone event in the startup scene. Find out how the ecosystem reacted to Leapfunder’s presence. Bits & Pretzels is… Read more

Live Rounds Update: June 21st

Eveline Klumpers is the founder of Katalysis, a blockchain startup on a mission to democratize the value of online content. For freelance content creators, they build easy to use software solutions; a WordPress plugin to easily incorporate their technology into existing WordPress sites. Find out… Read more

Civocracy Shape the Future of Your City

Civocracy: Shape the Future of Your City

Civocracy empowers local governments to connect with their citizens, by assisting municipalities, cities and territories to make decisions in a more transparent way. The platform allows them to harness the knowledge of their citizens, ultimately better shaping communities through improved city consultations. Find out why… Read more

clevergig: on-demand scheduling software

clevergig: on-demand scheduling software

clevergig is a B2B SaaS company and Startupbootcamp alumnus. Their smart on-demand scheduling software allows temp agencies and other middle-men to quickly match the right worker with relevant shifts or projects. They are tapping into the fast-growing gig economy and on-demand product and service deliveries. Find… Read more

German Startup Changemakers - Christoph Rathke

German Startup Changemakers: Christoph Räthke

Since we are live Germany we have been interviewing German Startup Changemakers as well. We talked to Christoph Räthke, the founder of Berlin’s boutique accelerator program Berlin Startup Academy, a startup founder, investor, writer, speaker and mentor. Find out more about his background, what he… Read more

A Chat With Investors: Corné Jansen

A Chat With Investors: Corné Jansen

‘A Chat With Investors’ is our new blog series, in which we ask successful investors to share their knowledge, experience, and tips for both entrepreneurs and beginning startup investors. We talked to Corné Jansen, director at INKEF Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm based in… Read more

Industry Changemakers: Eddy van den Brink

Industry Changemakers: Eddy van den Brink

We talked to Eddy van den Brink, the founder of New Venture Match, an Amsterdam-based company that plays an intermediary role for startups, institutional investors and VC firms. Eddy has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, working with names like ABN AMRO… Read more