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Industry Changemakers Johan van Mil

Industry Changemaker: Johan van Mil

In our new ‘Industry Changemakers’ blog series we pick the hottest topics and the experts that can tell us all about them. We talked to Johan van Mil, an active investor, entrepreneur and the co-founder of Peak Capital about the European VC scene. Find out… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Anouk Bikkel

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Anouk Bikkel

Anouk Bikkel works as a Director at Amsterdam Capital Week, one of the most important startup events in the Netherlands, where startups and investors connect and create long-term partnerships. Find out what is it about startups that particularly attracts her, what she predicts for the… Read more

A Chat With Investors Martin Amersfoort

A Chat With Investors: Martin Amersfoort

‘A Chat With Investors’ is our new blog series, in which we ask successful investors to share their knowledge, experience, and tips for both entrepreneurs and beginning startup investors. We had a chance to talk to Martin Amersfoort, who has a Ph.D. in optoelectronics, was… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Oscar Kneppers

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Oscar Kneppers

Oscar Kneppers got involved in the startup scene after selling both of his companies and starting Rockstart, an accelerator focused on technological innovation and practical solutions that make the world a better place. Rockstart helped over 120 early-stage startups to grow, it is focused on… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers Rune Theill

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Rune Theill

Rune Theill is the co-founder and CEO of Rockstart, a startup accelerator founded with a goal to provide access to capital, mentorship and the community. After realizing that the creation of an effective ecosystem is the biggest challenge Europe is facing in order to have world-class… Read more

Investeren in startupsH

Investeren in startups

De Startupscene De startupscene geniet nog relatief weinig bekendheid in Nederland, terwijl juist deze branche voor vernieuwing van de economie zorgen. Denk aan Adyen, TomTom, Peerby en WeTransfer. Allen ooit begonnen met een eenvoudig idee en inmiddels uitgegroeid tot reuzen die niet alleen banen scheppen,… Read more