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5 Things We’re Most Proud Of

Although we are only 3 we have grown into being one of the main sources of seed funding in the Netherlands. We’ve closed more than 100 funding rounds with an average value of over E100k. The capital through our system has been growing by more… Read more

Tips and Tricks for New Investors

Tips and Tricks for New Investors

Are you interested in investing in startups but perhaps don’t know where to begin? If you invest in a startup, you should be confident with the choices you make. With the large influx of startup companies worldwide, how can you make sure that you are… Read more

5 Books Every Investor Must Read

Books – digital and printed – remain one of the main sources of information in the world. Politicians, scientists, teachers, economists, & world leaders all agree on one thing: reading is power. We’ve collected 5 books every investor must read, especially if they are just… Read more

Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts – digital audio files with information valuable to subscribers – can be a great source of inspiration for startups, providing real-life stories of other startups, of their successes, failures and strategies. They are also a great tool  for investors, who can find insider tips and… Read more