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Keep Learning and Experimenting

In our new ‘Guide to Investing‘ blog series, we’re taking you through seven steps of startup investing. As a startup investor, you should start by investing small amounts, building your portfolio slowly and being patient. Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to keep learning and… Read more

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Overestimating Yourself and the Startup

In our new ‘Guide to Investing’ blog series, we’re taking you through seven steps of startup investing. People who have successfully invested in real estate, bonds, and equity often think they will be successful at investing in startups. However, it’s an inherently different thing. Find out why… Read more

A Chat With Investors: Kees-Jan Heijdra

‘A Chat With Investors’ is our new blog series, in which we ask successful investors to share their knowledge, experience, and tips for both entrepreneurs and beginning startup investors. We spoke to Kees-Jan Heijdra, an economist and an experienced entrepreneur who started investing in startups… Read more

Angel Investors in the Netherlands

Angel Investors in the Netherlands

Angel investors in the Netherlands tend to invest in companies they understand and where they can contribute to the management decisions. Since Angel investing is based on personal gut-feel  they gravitate towards products they themselves might use. Find out about the different types of investors… Read more

Unicorn Hunters’ Advice

Unicorn investing can be extremely rewarding, not only does it give investors the opportunity to experience huge returns, it also gives a front-row seat on the thrilling roller-coaster of the growth trajectory. Sequoia Capital, the New York City-based hedge fund Tiger Global Management and SV… Read more