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Boardio: 6500+ International Advisors at Your Disposal

Boardio’s mission is to be the leading global service for growth companies, providing them with the skills and expertise they need to expand internationally. They do this by connecting them with advisors or board members with the right experience, networks, and interest in their businesses. We talked to Gaby van Otterdijk, the Country Manager for the Netherlands, and Per Landquist, the Country Manager for Sweden. Find out more about how startups and advisors benefit from Boardio.

Two men in shirts posing for a profile photo
1. Hi Gaby and Per. Thank you both for agreeing to do the interview. Please tell us about your background and connection to the startup world.

Gaby: As a freelance Business Advisor, I support and coach CEOs and SMB Business Owners. I have a background in Digital Advisory at Gartner. As the Country Manager for Boardio in the Netherlands, I support Dutch startups and scaleups in their drive to international expansion through our network of advisors with a no-cure-no-pay model.

Per: I have worked in banking and finance for the past 20 years, helping startups with finance solutions. I headed a couple of startups myself, and I worked as a Managing Director for a bigger loyalty company in the Nordics for a long time. Since 2022, I have been leading Boardio in Sweden.

2. Tell us about Boardio, the idea that started it, and the team behind it.

Gaby: Boardio started as a Finnish company, supplying advisors to boards of organizations. This has grown into 6500+ advisors around the globe, hundreds of successful search assignments, and a network of about 20 Country Managers. We are a unique source of skills, experience, and networks for any growth-oriented company.

Per: We have a solution that suits both startups and advisors. Growing startups and scaleups can easily find relevant advisors and board members on our platform. The advisors get to pick and sign up for the companies they are interested in.

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3. How do startups and advisors directly benefit from Boardio?

Gaby: Boardio supports startups and scaleups that are expanding internationally. It is always difficult to find the right resources abroad. So we connect companies to our network of 6500+ advisors worldwide with the knowledge and experience to expand their business abroad, whether they are looking for funding, industry knowledge, or help with sales. We support them with a no-cure-no-pay model. They only pay us if they are successful in selecting an advisor. 

Per: Our advisors benefit from a steady stream of interesting international companies. In the Nordics, no major players help advisors get business opportunities. We give them a platform to be visible to growing startups and scaleups.
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4. How does the process on Boardio work exactly?

Gaby: Any startup or scaleup can approach us when looking for an advisor. After an introduction and an intake call, we will start our search through AI and human expertise and address our 6500+ advisors. On average, a search takes 2-4 weeks, and we aim to come back with 10 candidates. The company and the advisor can then do the interview and agree on details, including advisor fees. Boardio will only charge you if you come to an agreement with one of our proposed advisors.

Per: For example, if a Swedish company goes to the Netherlands, we would first set up a meeting to find out as much as possible about their business. Then, we would look for advisors who can help them in the Netherlands, and as Gaby mentioned, the final work would be done by the company itself. They would speak to the advisors and agree on the next steps. 

We created a Practical Guide to Effectively Utilizing Advisors for Business Success that could be useful for companies looking to grow internationally.

Boardio Handbook
5. In which countries do you operate? Can startups from all over the world use Boardio?

Gaby & Per: Boardio operates worldwide. Anywhere you want to grow, we can find you the right advisor for your demand.

6. How do you feel you support the startup ecosystems in Sweden and the Netherlands?

Per: I try to encourage female candidates, whether they’re founders or advisors, to find a way of exposing themselves on Boardio

Gaby: It is important to us to be a diverse platform, whether we are talking about age, gender, or background. It is crucial to have all kinds of people.

Thank you both very much for sharing the story about Boardio. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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