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Raising Funding via Convertible Notes

Entrepreneurs are not always aware of the different financing tools available to them when raising funding, nor the implications of the different forms of funding for their company. The three most common ways to get funding are the following: You can sell your shares You… Read more

Our New Priced Equity Product

Have you heard about Leapfunder’s new Priced Equity product yet? Although the convertible has become the standard financial instrument for pre-seed and seed funding, we’re hoping that our priced equity product will provide a less technical alternative for many situations. Learn more! Characteristics of a priced… Read more

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We Have Updated the Leapfunder Convertible Note

Leapfunder’s purpose is to facilitate funding rounds for early-stage startups which have a scalable business proposition. We provide a two-sided platform where startups raise funding and investors directly invest in startups. For investors, we are a source of deal-flow and a trusted party for reliable… Read more