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Dutch Startup Changemakers: Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Ruben Nieuwenhuis is an entrepreneur who already set up five startups. As the former director of StartupAmsterdam and co-initiator of StartupDelta, his purpose is to strengthen the ecosystem in the Netherlands. With his tech talent program TechConnect, he strives to bring diversity in the tech… Read more

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Dutch Startup Changemakers: Janneke Niessen

Janneke Niessen is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, innovator, and creative thinker, who started her own company almost 20 years ago when ‘startup’ was still a non-existing word. And even though everyone discouraged her, she went on with the idea. Find out how she entered the… Read more

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Dutch Startup Changemakers: Geert van Vlijmen

We talked to Geert van Vlijmen, an international business performance coach who has been a part of the Dutch startup ecosystem for many years. Read more about his experience and find practical advice for creating a perfect pitch and growing your business. An Interview with Geert… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers Duke Urbanik

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Duke Urbanik

While getting his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, Duke Urbanik started ECLIPSE, a company that grew into a multinational software supplier of Laboratory Information Systems. By 1999 the company was sold to Alpha Technologies, an instrument manufacturing spinoff from… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Anouk Bikkel

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Anouk Bikkel

Anouk Bikkel works as a Director at Amsterdam Capital Week, one of the most important startup events in the Netherlands, where startups and investors connect and create long-term partnerships. Find out what is it about startups that particularly attracts her, what she predicts for the… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Oscar Kneppers

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Oscar Kneppers

Oscar Kneppers got involved in the startup scene after selling both of his companies and starting Rockstart, an accelerator focused on technological innovation and practical solutions that make the world a better place. Rockstart helped over 120 early-stage startups to grow, it is focused on… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers Betsy Lindsey

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Betsy Lindsey

Betsy Lindsey has been working with startups since 2000, in essence, she has been “accelerating” startups before that word was even associated with startups, and she has over 18 years of international business management and investment experience. Now, she works as a Managing Director of… Read more

Dutch Startup Changemakers: Constantijn van Oranje

Prince Constantijn van Oranje, the Netherlands’ startup ambassador, is helping shape the Dutch startup ecosystem with both StartupDelta, an initiative for fast-growing innovative startups with an international focus; and StartupFest, an event that connects European startups with providers of capital, business, and talent. We had… Read more