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A man wearing a dark blue sweater is posing for a photo in Lisbon

Startup Changemakers: Alexander Griekspoor

Alexander Griekspoor, a Dutchie living in Portugal, has a passion for both technology and science. As a biologist, he first connected these two worlds by making apps for scientists. Currently, he’s working on Agenda, his note-taking app that won the 2018 Apple Design Award. Find… Read more

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Dutch Startup Changemakers: Robin Dohmen

We interviewed Robin Dohmen, the co-founder of Pitchy, an online pitch tool, and OWOW, a creative agency that designs and develops apps and websites for (funded) startups and corporates. He was fortunate enough to work with hundreds of startups, scaleups and innovating corporates, which is why… Read more

What 2016 Meant for Dutch Startups

2016 has been an amazing year for us, for the startups we’ve helped raise funding, the investors we introduced them to… but more importantly for the Dutch startup ecosystem as a whole. Looking back on the past months, here are some of this year’s highlights.… Read more

Women in NLtech by Inspiring Fifty

Superwomen in NL Tech

It’s no secret that women face challenges in the entrepreneurial world. Gender inequality is still an issue, even in the most developed countries. The Netherlands has some amazing women on top of the industry & they’ve decided to unite in order to make some changes.… Read more

Eindhoven Startup Ecosystem

In 2013, Forbes declared Eindhoven to be the most inventive city in the world. Others call it the Smartest Place on Earth. Perhaps both are true. According to research, every year Eindhoven produces 22.6 patents per 100,000 residents. It seems a perfect place for everyone… Read more

Investeren in een startup – Markten: Energie

We hebben de afgelopen weken al een korte introductie over startups gegeven; waar je startups kunt vinden, hoe je het kaf van het koren scheidt én wat de investeringsopties zijn. Ditmaal duiken we wat dieper in de verschillende branches. De komende weken lichten we een aantal branches uit en zetten wat startups… Read more